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Njana Tilem Museum is one of the art museums in Bali which has several venues including; Open Stage (open stage), Museum Terrace (museum terrace), Play Ground (open space), and Wantilan (multipurpose room).

The 17m x 47m Open Stage is located in the middle of the museum courtyard, which can be used for various events such as dinner, art performances, parties, seminars / talkshows and other cultural activities, having a capacity of +/- 490 people.

Museum Terrace is an open space with a background of a museum building suitable for organizing events such as weddings, shows, gala dinners and other events, has a capacity of +/- 810 people.

Playground measuring 28 m x 44 m is a green open space that can be used for entertainment events such as outbound, gala dinners, yoga, reunions, weddings and other activities, has a capacity of +/- 690 people.

The 40-square-foot Wantilan is a semi-open Balinese-style building that can be used for various activities such as meeting places, exhibitions, seminars, etc. with a capacity of +/- 600 people.
Some events have been held at the Njana Tilem Museum
(photos of events held at the Njana Tilem Museum)